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Professionally designed recording studio in 

Amberly Studios the home of producer and engineer Guyy Lilleyman. The studio is set against the stunning backdrop of the Bullen range and Murrumbidgee corridor on a 250-acre property, 15 minutes from Canberra’s CBD. 

As a musician and having recorded at other studios, Guyy understands the overwhelming nature of the recording and production process and created Amberly Studios to offer a warm and relaxed space- the perfect setting for bringing out the best in your music.


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Record at Amberly Studios in our relaxed studio space with our in-house engineers. Focus on your performance while we take care of the technical stuff. 

After recording we can mix your tracks into a final track, ready for release.

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Work closely with producer Guyy Lilleyman to shape your project from start to finish.     
Begin your recording journey with pre-production meetings and song arrangement before hitting the studio to record at Amberly Studios.

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Leave no trace of doubt by offering a direct link to your sound and image. Live videos are shot in our main recording space, mixed and edited ready for social media.
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It was a great experience working with Guyy at Amberly Studios! The results were perfect and he has a wealth of knowledge about the industry! Recommend for any and all.”

— Alec Randles, Kopaseti, Australia

This is a great space for recording. Super professional, with great gear and a great comfortable energy for creativity and performance. Looking forward to future creative recording projects here!”

— Tennyson King, Canada

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Produced, recorded and mixed at Amberly Studios

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  •  Amberly Recording Studios 
  •  +61 401 639 408  
  •  325 Kambah Pool Road, KambahACT 2902, Australia
  •  Mon - Fri 09.00 - 18.00