About Amberly Studios & Guyy

Amberly Studios is owned and operated by Guyy Lilleyman. The studio was professionally designed before being built on a 250 acre property by the two brothers with help from family and friends. The Studio is unique in its placement and design, situated next to the Murrumbidgee River, offering a quiet, remote and peaceful place to bring musical ideas to life. Guyy has been on both sides of the recording desk having recorded his early music at different studios and then producing his own records. Click here to learn more about Guyy's music career: www.guyy.com.au 

What to expect when you work with us & the Amberly Studios location

Amberly Studios is a homely recording space nestled in Canberra's rugged bush-land. There are plenty of walks and scenery to immerse yourself in. When working with us we understand that the magic happens when everyone is in the groove - we strive to create an environment that works for each artist. If something doesn't feel right we change it!

The aim is to make music - and we love what we do.

Guyy Lilleyman - Producer, Composer

Guyy Lilleyman - Producer, Composer