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Record at Amberly Studios in our relaxed studio space with our in-house engineers. Focus on your performance while we take care of the technical stuff.  Our recording space is large enough to fit a band - with an additional room for vocals or guitars.

Mixing begins once your tracks are recorded. We'll arrange them into a final mix ready for release.

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Work closely with producer Guyy Lilleyman to shape your project from start to finish. Guyy offers an extra set of creative ears to your project and will oversee the recording, mixing and mastering phases as well as offering pre-production sessions to get the most out of your music. Guyy aims to serve the song, that may mean re-arranging parts, adding new elements or leaving it as is. Whatever it takes to get a great sound.

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Leave no trace of doubt by offering a direct link to your sound and image. Amberly Studios can record your act live while filming with professional camera gear. We will edit and mix the footage into high quality videos, ready for social media and your press kit.


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