Recording, Mixing & Producing


At Amberly Studios we have wide selection of equipment to capture your magic. We approach recording by experimenting with what feels right for the song. 


Mixing recorded tracks is a fine art, every person who sits behind a mixing desk is going to add a little bit of their DNA to the track. Producers can add as much or little depending on the artist's desire. Some acts will have a very clear idea on what they want when it comes to production. Other acts may wish to work closely with a producer Producing and mixing can be as basic as balancing the tracks and keeping it real to adding a full blown string section with much cow bell. 


Every project is different - the cost for recording and mixing and full band vs a solo act is going to differ hugely. The best way to get an idea of the potential costs is to drop us a line and give us as much detail as possible.  If you'd like a rough idea then please click here for our prices list


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